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We are Editorial Caballito de Acero

To praise athletic beauty in antiquity was to name the poetic and sacred character of the human body as the sum of all possible virtues. The greatness of the athlete and of physical exercise in daily life were indisputable given the ethical and aesthetic character with which man was formed. Even in pre-Columbian America, sport and play reached levels that transcended reality because the body was that vehicle capable of uniting and travelling through diverse worlds and cosmogonies.

But since we are no longer allowed to talk about and enjoy that athletic beauty moved by the mere pleasure of being moved by the poetry that emanates from a dodge, a checkmate, a knockout, or the fantastic acceleration of sprints, we wanted to give free rein to this steel horse to gallop freely and indistinctly through the novel, the story, the poem, photography or children's books, feeding only on what we love and what we are passionate about: chess, boxing, cycling, baseball, football.
That is why we are at the starting line and our steel horse is ready and saddled for the artist to tell us the cadence of the cyclist as he climbs the mountain, or the skill of the footballer as he invents the rhythm of an impossible goal. The race begins. Horses in position. Place your bets.



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Bogotá | Colombia

Don't know what to read or give? We love challenges. Let us know if we can help you. We will answer as soon as possible.

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