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'Veinticuatro miniaturas rusas'

Chess Stories

Author: David Vivancos Allepuz

Nothing is more literary than giving one's life for a king, perhaps that is why so many brave men have tried it. However, narrating this beautiful tragedy that has been repeated daily on the chessboard since time immemorial is no easy task. And the fact is that returning to the literature of playing at going through life dressed in black or white, or imagining oneself on the front line of war alongside another pawn, is one of the great challenges of the word. And all because enjoying in silence the fall of a queen or the sacrifice of a knight always augurs a beautifully useless happiness that is difficult to explain.

To those lovers of the beautifully useless, and to those who want to know what it feels like to see life through the art that lies behind a checkmate, we dedicate these Twenty-Four Russian Miniatures to them and to anyone who wants to gamble their life on a chessboard.

Veinticuatro miniaturas rusas | chess stories

  • Dimensions 4,7 in x 7,4 in

    Pages 192


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