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'A seis rounds'

Stories of boxing

Authors: Arthur Conan Doyle and Jack London


Writing a boxing story and stepping into a ring have one thing in common: it takes guts to overcome the fear of the unknown. No one knows for sure where the first punch will come from, let alone how a character's character will turn out. That's why we've had to turn to two rebellious boys to tell us what it's like to throw fists with one hand while writing with the other.

One is Jack London, the other is Arthur Conan Doyle. Each will have three rounds to defend themselves with arguments in order to seek a knockout. It will be a six-round fight where the judge will be the reader.

Literature and boxing were born together. They grew up together and matured together. And the great merit they have had is that of giving man a reason for living: hands were made to leave a mark. Whether facing the blank page, or stepping into the ring to box an opponent. This is the art of living by leaving a mark.

A seis rounds | 6 stories of boxing

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