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'Soy Verdolaga / Soy Poderoso' | 22 Antioquia football stories



When a stadium is dressed in a single colour, the joy is extinguished and the scream of the opposing team's goal is lost. And this is the most beautiful celebration of all: the goal was born to be sung and heard by fans, announcers, players, rivals... To grow up with a two-coloured pitch is to learn to live with the beauty of defeat, the immortality of victory and the simplicity of a draw. Football is a thing of two, nothing makes sense without the other.

That is why this book is two books: on one side green and on the other red. That means that we will be sitting side by side as when the paisa classic was played in two colours, and the coexistence allowed the mocking smile of victory, or the self-absorbed silence of defeat. Let's read football in peace and let's play to think with our feet instead of going around the world kicking and kicking.

Soy Verdolaga / Soy Poderoso | 22 stories of Antioquian football

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